Do What's Best for Your Family

Let an attorney help you through your divorce

Any legal situation involving family can be incredibly difficult. An attorney can help you navigate your divorce and support your family.

The Law Offices of Bill D. Hicks can represent you throughout any family law situation, including:

  • Visitation
  • Adoption
  • Surrogacy
  • Divorce or dissolution
  • Custody or time-sharing
  • Division of marital property
  • Injunction petitions or injunction defense
Judge Hicks can also help you determine alimony or spousal support. Contact him today if you need representation.

Grounds for divorce in Texas

The state of Texas allows for both fault and no-fault divorces. The different grounds for divorce that the state recognizes include:

  • Adultery-with proven adultery, a court can side in favor of the non-adulterous spouse
  • Abuse-if one spouse accuses the other of mental or physical abuse, the court may grant a divorce in favor of the victimized spouse
  • Conviction of a felony-a court can grant a divorce to a couple with conviction and imprisonment of one spouse for more than one year without parole
  • Insupportability-a court grants a no-fault divorce when a marriage fails because of discord or personality conflicts rather than the actions of either spouse
  • Abandonment-if your spouse does not contact you for more than one year, a court can grant you a divorce on the grounds of abandonment so you can move on with your life
Bill Hicks will treat you as an individual and build a relationship with you throughout your case. Call 915-990-2440 now to speak to Judge Hicks about your legal issue.

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