Robert (Bo) Valles was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. He attended Rice University on an athletic scholarship where he played football for Rice. Bo graduated from Rice in 1997. After graduating with his undergraduate degree, he proceeded directly to the trusted Thurgood Marshall School of Law where he obtained his Juris Doctorate (his law degree).

Bo has always been passionate about representing those who have been wronged or victimized. That is why as soon as he received his license to practice law, he went into private practice and has been handling personal injury cases since his first day of practice. Now, with over twenty years of experience, he is a highly respected trial attorney who has represented thousands of people; people who had been victims in various personal injury accidents throughout Texas. Bo will not rest until he has seen his clients get what they deserve, no matter the circumstances. Bo has represented clients in everything from simple auto accidents to complex trucking and commercial litigation. He has handled slip and fall negligence cases and even wrongful death lawsuits. He is as comfortable sitting in a living room talking with his clients as he is arguing in front of a jury for the maximum benefit of his clients.

For Bo Valles, he considers it his duty and responsibility to represent each and every client, no matter how small or how big the claim, with the same dedicated work ethic that has earned him the respect of his peers and acclimations from his clients.
The Law Office of Bill D. Hicks PC is proud to have Robert (Bo) Valles as our Managing Attorney while Judge Hicks steps away from the law firm to return to public service. Judge Hicks is confident that every client of the Law Office of Bill D. Hicks PC will be well taken care under Bo Valles' careful and precise attention.

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